Photo Tour of the Geffyre Museum in London

I always like to visit less well known attractions when I’m in London. I had a look at what was within striking distance of the Travelodge London Bethnal Green and thought that the Geffyre Museum in Hoxton sounded interesting.The museum focuses on the history of the home over the last 400 years. It’s free to enter the musuem, which is closed on Mondays.

geffyre museum exterior

Exterior of Geffyre Museum

I received such a geniune warm welcome from the member of staff at the reception desk when I entered the museum. There were plenty of free lockers; great for dumping my jacket and backpack. The first section of the Geffyre Museum is in the original building and features rooms from earlier periods.

geffyre museum 1830 room

1830s room at the Geffyre Museum

geffyre museum 1870s room

1870s room at the Geffyre Museum

geffyre museum 1890s room

1890s room at the Geffyre Museum

The Garden Reading Room was the museum’s cafe until the extension was built in the 1990s.

geffyre museum reading room

Garden Reading Room at the Geffyre Museum

geffyre museum horse on mural

Strangely proportioned horse on mural in Garden Reading Room

Unfortunately, the Herb garden is only open from 1 April to 30 October, so was closed during my visit in early November.

geffyre museum garden

Herb Garden at Geffyre Museum

The new wing of the Museum, designed by architects Coates Branson, opened in 1998.

jeffyre museum cafe

Cafe at Geffyre Museum

I loved the staircase.

geffyre museum staircase

Beautiful staircase at the Geffyre Museum London

geffyre museum 1930s room

1930s room at the Geffyre Museum

geffyre museum made

Painting of Madge Garland, Lady Ashton, at the Geffyre Museum

It was quite strange looking at the 1960s room, as some elements, especially the dining table, the wall shelves and cabinets. looked very similar to my childhood home. We certainly didn’t have such a trendy, small TV.

geffyre museum 1960s room

1960s room at the Geffyre Museum

Speaking of TVs, this futuristic Videosphere TV was manufactured by JVC in 1967.

geffyre museum videosphere TV

1967 VideosphereTV at the Geffyre Museum

I’d recommend that you visit the Geffyre Museum in London. It gives a great insight into how homes have changed over the century. The fact that the staff are so amiable and ethusiastic about their workplace makes a visit even more enjoyable.