Street Art in Hackney London

As there was no direct route by public transport from Bethnal Green to the Geffyre Museum in Hoxton, I decided to walk. I ended up slightly off track from my proposed route. After consulting the map at a cycle hire point in Columbia Road, I decided to walk northeast up Hackney Road and then turn west into Cremer St. It turned out to be a good choice, as I stumbled upon a lot of street art on my way.

The main batch was in a car park on Hackney Road. It was difficult to get photos of the paintings due to the parked cars. In fact I’m surprised that I wasn’t mistaken for a car thief loitering around the car park.

hackeny street art oy with blue face

There’s slippy mud by the walls as it’s not been tarmaced, so you need to wear sensible shoes, and an old jacket in case you rub against a dirty vehicle. The car park is pretty grotty, you can spot a discarded paint roller, tubes of sealant and a CD in the photo of Darth Vader below.

hackney street art darth vader

hackney street art wall

hackney street art bearded man

hackney street art woman with long hair

hackney street art girl waving flag

hackey streer art boy in braces

hackney street art peeing boy

hackey street art skateboarder

hackney street art otter

hackney street art devil

hackney street art magnifying glass

hackey street art pink

hackney street art dog

hackney street art

Just before turning in to Cremer Steet, there was an Incredible Hulk.

street art hackney incredible hulk

At the western end of Cremer Street was Johnny Deep and a homage to the groups The Who and The Jam.

hackney street art johnny deep

‘Love will tear us apart’ was opposite Hoxton Station on the side of a tyre shop premises.

hackney street art love will tear us apart

Finding all this street art in Hackney was only possible as I was walking around without a tight schedule, my preferred style of travel.