The Woolwich Ferry in London

After checking in and taking some photos and videos of my room at the Travelodge London Woolwich, I headed down to the nearby south terminal of the Woolwich Ferry.

woolwich ferry in distance

The Woolwich Ferry crossing the River Thames

This ferry carries passengers and vehicles across the River Thames free of charge..

woolwich ferry terminal view to canary wharf

 Canary Wharf from the south terminal of the Woolwich Ferry

It was a Sunday and there was only one ferry in operation. As the ferry had recently departed from the south terminal, I decided to traverse the river using the Woolwich Foot Tunnel.

woolwich ferry terminal

The Woolwich Ferry south terminal

After emerging from the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, I waited for the Woolwich Ferry at the northern terminal from where there was a good view of the illuminated Thames Barrier, one mile west up the river.

woolwich ferry north terminal view to thames barrier

Illuminated Thames Barrier from the North Woolwich Ferry terminal

There was only a handful of passengers waiting in the shelter. One was a lady with a very good voice singing gospel songs. However, there were long queues of vehicles for the ferry at both sides.

woolwich ferry pedestrian boarding

Pedestrian access to the Woolwich Ferry

I can only assume that the Woolwich Ferry used to be a lot more popular with foot passengers as there were loads of seats on the passenger deck.

woolwich ferry view

View from the passenger deck of the Woolwich Ferry

woolwich ferry bridge

Vehicle deck of the Woolwich Ferry

I used the Woolwich Ferry on one more occasion to cross from south to north on my way to the World Travel Market at Excel one morning. I was hoping to get some good shots in the daylight, but it was a dreary wet day. Again, there were only a few passengers on the ferry, but long queues of vehicles.