Thanks for Saving my Moussaka easyJet

I believe that positive, as well as negative, traveller experiences should be reported. I recently had a very positive traveler experience when returning to the UK from Greece, where the state of travel is in some degree of disarray, possibly as a result of the current economic situation.

I was visiting family in the North of Greece and was to return to the UK on the 6th of November 2013. I was booked on an easyJet flight due to depart from Thessaloniki airport at 12.40 for London Gatwick, then on a later easyJet flight due to depart for Edinburgh at 17.45.


Due to a general three hour strike in Greece and industrial action at the airport that day, my flight was delayed until 4pm and easyJet contacted me in good time by email to inform me of this. However, I had not seen this email, nor was I in contact through mobile phone/SMS. I arrived at the airport 2.5 hours before the original flight time to find out about this delay. I was then directed to a very pleasant and efficient lady who dealt with easyJet issues, as well as those for several other airlines. She immediately phoned up to find out if I’d be able to make my connection to Edinburgh and what I should do. She then informed me that as easyJet is a point-to-point carrier, they were not obliged to put me on a later flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh if I’d missed my original one, but I should nevertheless contact their office as soon as I arrived at Gatwick.

After an uneventful flight from Thessaloniki at 4pm, and on the basis of this advice, I turned up at the easyJet ticket office at London Gatwick North just as my original flight to Edinburgh was leaving. They were able to establish the veracity of my situation within minutes and very soon I was issued with a complimentary ticket for the next flight to Edinburgh. This flight took off and landed on time.


As by then I’d missed the last train to Berwick-upon -Tweed, I was just able to catch the last bus within a matter of minutes before its departure and eventually sleep in my own bed that night.

Things do happen during travel and they are mostly unavoidable. It makes a lot of sense to be organised (e.g. know the time/point of departure of alternative transport in the UK). Travel firms such as easyJet should (and did on this event) support travelers in order to encourage them to hit the road again and re-use their services. On this occasion easyJet understood that I’d booked connecting flights with plenty of time for mishaps in between, and that missing the flight was not my error – also, they had availability on the next flight. So, a happy ending for me this time.

Thanks for saving my moussaka easyJet.