Walking Along Santander Prom

It was a such a beautiful afternoon when I arrived at Santander bus station from the airport. I only had hand luggage, one wheelie case, so I decided to walk to our hotel, the Silken Rio Santander at Sardinero Beach. I knew that I could reach the hotel by taking the slightly longer scenic route along the prom. I couldn’t get to the waterfront immediately due to some massive works but managed to get on the prom at the Ferry Terminal.

prom diving kids

Sculptures of kids on Santander prom

prom ship relief

Relief sculpture of ship near Santander prom

prom palacete

Looking toward the mountains from Santander prom

prom marina

Marina at Santander prom

prom head sculpture

Head sculpture on Santander prom

I decided to take the left fork at the University of Catanbria. Although it was uphill it looked the shorter route to the hotel.

prom university of santander

The University of Catabria’s dome

prom looking down nautcial museum

Looking down on the Nautical Museum

I was relived I’d take the high road as I didn’t think that my case would’ve fared very well on the decked walkways of Peligros Beach

prom peligros beach

Looking down on Peligros Beach

prom classical fountain

Classical style fountain

prom bikes by sculpture

Bike hire station on Santander prom

prom close up artist sculpture

 Sculpture of artist on Santander prom

I was glad to spot our hotel a few hundred metres up from the Casino. Although I’d had a few stops enroute, the walk had been longer than I’d anticipated.

The next morning we walked along the remainder of the prom.


Santander Casino

Opposite the Casino there’s some surrealist art on the top of a restaurant.

surrealist art

Surrealism in Santander

One of my favourite parts of the prom was the Jardines de Piquio.

prom globe sculpture

Globe sculpture in Jardines de Piquio

prom sardinero beach from jardines de piquio

Looking towards Sardinero Beach from Jardines de Piquio

prom jardines piquio

Flower bed in Jardines de Piquio

prom terraces

Steps down to Sarinero Beach from Jardines de Piquio

prom crown sculpture

Clown sculpture in Parque Doctor Gonzalez Mesones

prom modern sculpture

Sculpture in Parque Doctor Gonzalez Mesones

prom needle sculpture

Sculpture near northern end of Santander prom