Review of Shewee

As soon as you leave home you can run into problems when you need to pee. Whether that be lack of toilets e.g. in the countryside, not knowing where the toilets are in a strange city, or being stuck in a traffic jam. Even if you do manage to find a toilet, some can be distinctly unsavoury. The Shewee portable urination device can help with some of these issues, as it enables women to pee without removing clothes and standing up.

Shewee portable female urination device

I decided to buy the Shewee Extreme which comprises of a Shewee, an extension tube and a carry case. The downside is the case is too large to fit in a small handbag and would use up quite a bit of precious space if you travel light with only one carry-on bag.

Shewee Extreme

The extension is advertised as being useful when you are wearing bulky outdoor clothing but I thought it would make it easier to direct urine into a container.

Shewee with extension

The first time I tried the Shewee to pee standing at the toilet, to my surprise, and relief, it worked fine. I then tried it with the extension tube in a bottle, which all went smoothly. The Shewee is constructed of water repellant material and you just need to shake it for it to dry.

I’ve also reviewed the Whiz Freedom female urine director and the Uriwell unisex portable urinal.

If you need to pee when you’re in the countryside having a Shewee means that you can don’t have to exposure you bottom to hazards such as nettles when you crouch down. If you would rather not sit on the toilet seat, you can avoid hovering above the seat.

Have you used a Shewee, how did you find it?


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