10 Museums in Manchester, England

Manchester is a fascinating city which has done much to drag itself out of an industrial slump, and is now a popular destination. As it happens, it’s also full of museums and here are 10 museums in Manchester for you to visit.

Football Club Museums

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Manchester is Manchester United; perhaps Manchester City FC comes quickly after that. Both clubs have museums attached to their stadiums so you can combine a visit to either the Manchester United FC museum or the Manchester City FC museum with a tour of their grounds.

manchester museums

Medals at the Manchester United Museum by edwin.11

National Football Museum

If those two aren’t enough, you can also head to the National Football Museum, which was set up to showcase England’s football heritage and to explain why England is the home of football. It actually began in Deepdale, Lancashire but was relocated to Manchester during 2012 to the former Urbis building.

Manchester museums

National Football Museum building by Smabs Sputzer

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry (also known by its much cooler acronym, MOSI) is not just a typical science museum – it is strongly based in the history and development of the city of Manchester and includes a working cotton mill and the chance to see what climbing into a Victorian-era sewer would have been like.

Manchester museums

MOSI mural by Terry Wha

Museum of Transport

Manchester’s Museum of Transport includes the biggest collection of buses and trams in Britain – vehicles that have been restored but date back to the beginning of public transport. Since many buses used across Britain (and in fact the world) were made in Gorton, close to Manchester, it’s definitely in a fitting location.

Manchester museums

Buses at Museum of Transport by interbeat

People’s History Museum

The People’s History Museum in Manchester used to be known as the National Museum of Labour History and is an important national centre for looking at the history of working people. Its exhibitions look at home, work and leisure over the last couple of centuries along with some interesting temporary displays.

peoples history museum manchester

People’s History Museum by Neil T

Imperial War Museum (North)

The Imperial War Museums that you known from London also have a branch in Manchester, known as the├é┬áImperial War Museum North. It’s been running for a decade now in an amazing building designed by Daniel Libeskind.

Manchester museums

Imperial War Museum North by Bernt Rostad

Manchester Museum

Owned and housed by the University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum includes over six million artefacts in collections covering archaeology, botany, ethnology, geology and zoology. One of its star exhibits is a T-rex fossil named “Stan”, the second most complete tyrannosaurus ever excavated.

Manchester museums

Stan the T-rex by mahesh_f

Chinese Arts Centre

Set up in 1986 by British Chinese artists who felt they didn’t have a voice in modern Britain, the Chinese Arts Centre is a thriving art museum with changing exhibitions both from major artists and from emerging ones.

Manchester museums

Chinese Arts Centre by loscuadernosdejulia

Greater Manchester Police Museum

The Police Museum and Archives are a treasure trove of stories about Manchester’s past crimes and criminals, along with giving you an insight into life as a police officer over the past couple of centuries. It’s housed in the building which was one of Manchester’s earliest police stations.

Manchester museums

Police Museum cars by Firing up the quattro

Manchester Jewish Museum

Being the only Jewish museum outside of London, the Manchester Jewish Museum has quite a responsibility to pass on the stories of Jews in Manchester and how they’ve contributed to the development of the city. It’s housed in an old Spanish and Portuguese synagogue.

Manchester museums

Manchester Jewish Museum by EadaoinFlynn

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