Edlingham Castle & Church in Northumberland

When we were driving from Alnwick to Rothbury we stopped for a coffee from our flask at some benches close to the roadside with beautiful views over the countryside. In the distance I could see a ruin and a disused railway viaduct.

view from road

View from bench by Alnwick to Rothbury road

A couple of miles down the road, I spotted a sign for Edlingham Castle and Church. There was space to park in the access road to the church.. Edlingham Castle is maintained by English Heritage; it’s unmanned and free of charge to enter the site.

castle with rushes

Edlingham Castle

Fortunately, it was a warm sunny day so that the path down to Edlingham Castle was dry. In wet weather wellies would be a good bet, as there’s some longer grass around the castle.

walking toward edlingham castle

The path to Edlingham Castle with the viaduct in background


Edlingham Castle


Cows with calves in field adjacent to Edlingham Castle

eglinham viaduct

From this angle it looks more like a Roman ruin

leaning tower

The leaning tower of Edlingham Castle

crumbling castle

Close up of the leaning tower

The majority of the present Edlingham Church dates from the 12th century.

exterior church

Exterior of Edlingham Church

stained glass window at altar

Stained glass window by altar of Edlingham Church

church interior

Interior of Edlingham Church

stained glass window with castle view

Looking toward the castle from inside Edlingham Church