Exploring the Magdalena Peninsula in Santander

The Magdalena Peninsula is located at the northern mouth of Santander Bay. It was a bit grey and showery when we arrived at the peninsula, but it did gradually brighten up. We walked in a clockwise circle around the peninsula.

magdalena peninsula illustrated map

Pictorial map of the Magdalena Peninsula

magdalena peninsula looking toward santander

 Looking back toward Santander’s Sardinero beach from the Magdalena Peninsula

magdalena peninsula road train

The Magdalena Peinisula road train

There’s a small Parque Marino (Marine Park) which is home to penguins and sea lions.

magdalena peninsula pengiuns

 Penguins in the Parque Marino

magdalena peninsula sea lion

Sea lion in the Parque Marino

The outdoor Museo de Mar (Museum of the Sea) has three galleons.

magdalena peninsula three ships

The 3 galleons in Museo del Mar

magdalena peninsula mermaid sculpture

Two of the galleons behind a mermaid sculpture

There’s also an enormous wooden raft type vessel.

magdalena peninsula raft living quarters

Living quarters on the raft

The more modern addition is a yellow floating pod.

magdalena peninsule floating pod

Floating pod at the Museo del Mar

The Palacio de la Magdalena (Magdalena Palace) was built in the early 20th century as a summer retreat for the Spanish royal family. It cost 3 Euro to enter. We didn’t go in, as we felt we’d already spend enough time inside our room at the Hotel Silken Rio Santander that morning, waiting for the rain to go off.

magdalena peninsula palace1

Palacio de la Magdalena

magdalena peninsula palace foyer

The foyer of Palacio de la Magdalena

magdalena palace map

Palacio de la Magdalena

There are some great views of Santander Bay from the gardens of the palace.

magdalena peninsula view to sandbar

Looking down on sandbar in Santander Bay from the Magdalena Peninsula.

The Isla de Mouro has a lighthouse.

magdalena peninsula view to la isla de mouro

Isla de Mouro lighthouse

magdalena peninsula la isla de mouro information board

Isla de Mouro information board

There’s another lighthouse on the peninsula, Faro de la Cerda.

magdalena peninsula lighthouse

Faro de la Cerda

Down the hill from that lighthouse, there’s a large picnic area with a good vantage point for watching the passing vessels.

magdalena peninsula passing boat

Boat passing Magdalena Peninsula

I was amazed to discover that the buiding below was originally the stables (caballerizas) for the palace. These horses certainly lived in grand style.

magdalena peninsula stables

Caballerizas on the Magdalena Peninsula

The breakwater appears to mark the boundary between Playa de los Bikinis to the east and Playa de la Magdalena to the west.

magdalena peninsula steps playa de bikini

Steps down to the beaches

It looks as through the breakwater leads to the Isla de la Torre which is home to a sailing school.

magdalena peninsula breakwater on bikini beach

Me on the breakwater with Isla de la Torre in background

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my photo tour of the Magdalena Peninsula in Santander.