An Evening Stroll Along Portobello Prom in Edinburgh

We had a stroll along Portobello Prom in Edinburgh one evening in May. It had been a pretty showery day. The mix of dark clouds and evening produced some beautiful colour combinations.

The pillars in the Community Garden were taken from the garden of Argyle House (now a nursing home) in Portobello’s Hope Lane

portobello prom pillars

The impressive pillars in the Community Garden

portobello prom looking back along beach

Looking back along Portobello Beach


pillars in community garden on Porbello Prom

Looking toward Portobello Prom from the Community Garden

rainbow from portobello beach edinburgh

Rainbow from Portobello Beach

portobello prom map of fife

Pictorial map of Fife which is across the Forth Estuary from Portobello

portbello prom dalriada

Dalriada Bar on the Beach on Portobello Prom

portbello prom view toward cockenzie power station

Cockenzie Power Station (now closed) from Portobello Prom

portobello swim centre

Portbelllo Swim Centre on the Prom

portobello prom looking toward north berwick law

North Berwick Law from Portobello Prom

portobello prom wildlife board

Wildlife infiormation board on Portobello Prom