An Abundance of Wild Flowers in Northumberland: Today’s Walk 15 June 2013

There was an abundance of wild flowers on today’s walk along the River Till from Etal in Northumberland. I was amazed to see so many white flowers growing on rocks in the river. I suppose that they’ve been able to prosper due to fairly low river water levels due to lack of any significant rain over the last few weeks.

etal flowers on stones

White flowers on rocks in River Till near Etal

If you look carefully you can spot five ducklings between the male closest to the bottom of the photo and the female in the left of the photo.

etal ducks and ducklings passing flower filled stone in river till

Ducks and ducklings swim past the flowery rocks

etal pink hawthorn tree

Pink blossom on hawthorn tree by River Till

etal colourful path

The colourful path by the River Till

etal broom

Broom on bank of River Till near Etal

etal poppies

Yellow poppies by the River Till path

etal wild flowers

Pink and blue wild flowers by the River Till path

etal bench with flowers

Bench by River Till with flowers on either side