Cygnets, Buttercups and Rapeseed: Today’s Walk 13 June 2013

Today we decided to drive to Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders for a walk along the North Sea Trail. We were wondering if we would see the local swans, Jock and Jenny, around Eyemouth Harbour. The swans were a couple of hundred yards upstream in the River Eye. It looked as though there were some cygnets on the bank. As we approached, we counted seven youngsters.

eyemouth cygnets

The seven cygnets

eyemouth cygents and swan

Cygnets and parent 

After the ornithological photo shoot, we proceeded to the prom and along the coastal path. The views on the North Sea Trail were very colourful; the red cliffs contrasting with the yellow of the buttercups and the rapeseed fields.

eyemouth rapessed and buttercups

Buttercups and rapeseed on the North Sea Trail near Eyemouth