Bambuser Lets You Share Your Videos Instantly

bambuserI’m not a huge fan of mobile phone apps. They drain the phone battery and I can do most of the things I want to without the need for additional apps. However, I decided to have a look at the free apps available on my Samsung Wave, which I’m sure are very limited compared to lots of other smartphones. I liked the sound of the free live video streaming app. I thought it’d be fun to be able to share short videos instantly on Twitter and Facebook.

After downloading the app, there was a message saying that I’d have to open a Bambuser account to use the app. I did this on the laptop, as it was easier to type in the information than doing it on the mobile phone.I connected my Twitter and Facebook accounts, added a profile photo, completed my profile and customised the embeddable player.

I only had to enter my username and password to start taking a video once I opened the Bambuser app on the mobile phone. After shooting the first video I went into the settings menu to make some adjustments. The default video resolution was 176 by 144, but you could set it as high as 640 by 480. The first video, shot on the lowest resolution was a bit blurry, so I went for 320 by 240.  I may need to turn it down again if I’m using mobile broadband, so as not to use too much of my monthly data allowance.

I also switched the audio off. I find that the microphone on the mobile phone isn’t great and if you’re outside, any background noise such as wind or traffic is very noticeable. Again, I can easily turn the sound on again.

There is the option to save videos on your phone, by selecting ‘store unsent data’ in settings,so that you can upload the video(s) later.You can add tags to your video.

So if you want to share videos taken on your mobile phone straight away, give Bambuser a try. However, unless you’re on an unlimited data plan, keep an eye on your data usage and/or try to upload the videos using WiFi as often as possible.

Below is my Bambuser player.