Exploring Brixton in South London

Our son Simon recommended that I visited Brixton when I was in London in March 2013. After a morning exploring Clapham, I headed to Brixton. On exiting Brixton tube station I wasn’t sure which way to head. I turned left and soon came upon the street market in Electric Avenue.

brixton electric avenue market

Market in Electric Avenue

Further along that street, I saw the entrace to Brixton Village, which is an indoor market consisting of several arcades. It was an extremely cold day,  so I was glad to be in a covered area.

Brixton Village in south London

Restaurant tables in Brixton Village

Reliance Arcade at Brixton Market

Entrance to the Reliance Arcade in Brixton Village

I planned to have lunch in the Village but I could see that it’d be hard to decide where to eat.

Brixton Village London

More restaurants in Brixon Village

There’s a large selection of Caribbean food on sale.

Brixton Village London

Fruit & veg stall at Brixton Village

I’d never heard of Doctor Fish before.

Doctor Fish at Brixton Village London

Doctor Fish at Brixton Village

Opposite one of the entrances to Brixton Village, there’s the enormous 1981 ‘Nuclear Dawn’ mural on the side of a building.

Nuclear Dawn Mural in Brixton painted in 1981 #londonjaunt

‘Nuclear Dawn’ mural

I wandered up to Windrush Square which was revamped in 2010. I found it incredible that the public toilets in such a large outdoor community space were closed.

Brixton photos

The Ritzy in Windrush Square, Brixton

Windrush Square Brixton

Green pole sculptures in Windrush Square

Sculptured granite seating under London Plane tree in Windrush Sq Brixton #londonjaunt

Sculptured granite seating in Windrush Square

By that stage, I felt I needed a seat but wasn’t hungry enough to eat lunch, so I went into Brixton Library to go online on my netbook.

Stained glass window in stairwell of Brixton Library

Stained glass window in Brixton Library

As I was walking back to Brixton Village for lunch, the heron weathervane on a roof at the corner of Coldharbour Lane caught my eye. It’s the work of sculptor Maggi Hambling.

Brixton photos

The Brixton Heron Weathervane

I decided I’d go to the Casa Morita Mexican restaurant for lunch. It’d been a while since I’d had Mexican food and they were doing a 2 courses for £7 lunch deal.

Casa Morita in Market Row, Brixton

Exterior of Casa Morita

I sat inside to be a bit warmer.

Casa Morita Mexican restaurant in Brixton Market #londonjaunt

Interior of Casa Morita

You could choose two of the five starters listed on the set menu. I had Shredded Chicken in Mole Sauce Taco and a Quesadilla followed by a Vegetarian Tostada for main course. The portions were quite small. The food was all very tasty and freshly prepared in the open kitchen.

Casa Morita in Market Way Brixton

Tostada at Casa Morita in Brixton Village’s Market Way

I’d recommend that you venture out of central London and spend some time in Brixton.