Swans by Bank of River Tweed; Today’s Walk 8 May 2013

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday in Northumberland we had cloudless blue skies (which you can verify in my photo of Edlingham Church), accompanied by warm sunshine. Today it was a cool, breezy, grey day with rain in the early afternoon. The rain stopped around 4pm, so we went for a walk along the River Tweed. Although it was a couple of hours after high tide, the river water was still quite high. There were lots of swans, adults and almost mature cygnets, feeding and preening close to the river bank.

8 May 2013 walk1

The swans around Berwick upon Tweed are quite tame and used to being fed. When they spotted us standing by the river, they approached in the (vain) hope of some morsels.

8 May 2013 walk