Review of Travelodge London Bank

I booked a room at Travelodge London Bank for four nights in March 2013. The total cost was £146, on the non-refundable Saver rate, booked 5 months in advance. £36.50 a night is a really good price for Zone 1 ensuite double room in a London hotel. The hotel is a two minute walk from either Cannon St or Bank stations. There’s an M&S Food at Cannon St station and a Tesco Express about five minutes walk away. Many of the restaurants and cafes nearby are closed at the weekend.

Travelodge London Bank

Travelodge sign in St Swithin’s Lane

I arrived at the hotel around 12.30 but  check-in wasn’t until 15.00. As Travelodge don’t offer luggage storage facilities and I wanted to make the most of the daylight hours, I paid the £10 early check-in charge, enabling me to deposit my suitcase in my room and get out and about. I was allocated a double room on the first floor, directly above the hotel entrance overlooking the cobbled courtyard, shared with a restaurant. I was a bit concerned that my room might be noisy if people from the restuarant and hotel came out into the courtyard for a cigarette, or if the restaurant’s rubbish bins were wheeled out early in the morning. But I wasn’t disturbed by any exterior noise.

View from my room at Travelodge London Bank

View from my room at Travelodge London Bank

My room was very clean. This Travelodge doesn’t have a Bar Cafe, so there’s no free WiFi on offer. I didn’t get a great mobile broadband connection with either of my USB modems. I suspect that was because I was on the first floor facing a courtyard. The room size was adequate but I was glad I was staying there on my own, as my suitcase took up quite a bit of the available floor space.

bank travelodge

My room at Travelodge London Bank (taken with fish eye)

The sink in the bathroom was far too small and badly designed. When I turned on the mixer tap,  my legs and the bathroom floor were soaked by water which bounced up when it hit the plug which was attached to the plug hole.  After a couple more soakings, I learned to adjust the position of the plug and turn on the tap very slowly. It was almost impossible to wash my face as the sink was so small and the mixer tap in the middle of the sink hit my nose.

There were several false fire alarms between 5.30 – 07.00 on my day of departure. It was really annoying because I started to get out of the room and then the alarm would go off, only to start ringing again a few minutes later. I was glad I was on the first floor as the lifts were out of action and my case was quite big. As I was leaving I asked the receptionist what on earth was going on. He said that the alarm kept triggering and that an engineer had been called. I contacted Travelodge to complain about the sink and fire alarm and they apologised gave me a refund in the from of a Travelodge credit e-voucher for £73;  50% of the value of my stay.

Double room at Traveldoge London Bank

 Double room at Travelodge London Bank

If you can find a room at Traveldoge London Bank for under £40 a night, it’s excellent value for money for a central location. On the whole, I was happy with the hotel. I was unlucky with the false fire alarms, these things happen.  Make sure that you follow my advice on how to use the sink taps, to avoid your legs getting drenched.

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