10 Things to Do in Romania

Romania is an exciting travel destination with plenty to see; you can literally go from the mountains to the sea and find all kinds of different destinations along the way – and of course it’s famous as the home of Dracula, too! Here are our travel tips on what to do in Romania outside the capital city of Bucharest.

Admire the Wooden Churches

In northern Transylvania, the Maramures region is particularly well-known for its architecturally unique Orthodox churches. In the 17th century stone churches were banned and so the wooden churches began and the surviving structures are incredible – eight of them are World Heritage listed.

romanian wooden churches

Barsana wooden churches by premus

Seek Dracula at Bran Castle

One of the most visited Romanian tourist attractions outside of Bucharest Bran Castle, near Brasov. It dates back around 800 years and is well-visited because it’s got the reputation of being the home of Dracula – curiously, though, there’s actually no evidence that this is the place Bram Stoker was thinking of, but it’s marketed that way and that seems to work! Dracula or not, it’s an impressive place.

what to do Romania

Bran Castle by jtriefen

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Ski in Prahova Valley

There are numerous ski resorts in the Prahova Valley, around an hour north of Bucharest. The most popular resorts include Predeal, Busteni, Azuga and Sinaia.

what to do Romania

Azuga ski lifts by swarve

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Relax at the Black Sea

There are numerous resorts at the Black Sea, which borders not just Romania but also Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey. The most popular Romanian resorts include Mamaia and Eforie and several named after planets, like Neptun, Venus and Saturn.

what to do Romania

Mamaia by Alex Panoiu

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Explore the Sighisoara Citadel

The Sighisoara Citadel is last inhabited medieval citadel in Europe and one of the best preserved – giving it World Heritage status. The town itself is famous as the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler and it holds an annual medieval festival.

what to do Romania

Sighisoara Citadel by RayMorris1

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Sail on the Danube Delta

The mighty Danube River reaches an end in Romania and the Danube Delta region is well worth exploring. It becomes a bunch of canals and home to all kinds of wildlife, and particularly good for bird watchers. Most Delta cruises leave from the town of Tulcea.

what to do Romania

Danube Delta by JCKole

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Enjoy Sibiu

Sibiu was the 2007 European Capital of Culture, and its old town was extensively renovated just in time for the spotlight to be on it. It has a more German background than other parts of Romania and is home to numerous interesting museums and galleries.

what to do Romania

Sibiu Architecture by quinet

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Visit Oradea in Transylvania

We published a great guest post about a visit to the town of Oradea in Transylvania. Oradea is a not-too-touristy town in Transylvania that sounds well worth a trip for some impressive architecture and historical sights.

what to do Romania

Oradea by AndrewH.uk

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Hike in the Carpathians

The Carpathian Mountains run through many countries of eastern Europe – the popular High Tatras on the border between Poland and Slovakia are also part of the Carpathians. The Romanian section, the Eastern Carpathians, are the second-highest part after the Tatras, and there’s some gorgeous hiking to be done there.

what to do Romania

Romanian Carpathians by cod_gabriel

Ride a Steam Train

There are a bunch of steam-powered trains on narrow gauge railways in various parts of Romania that are gradually being brought back to life as tourist attractions. They are known as mocăniţăs and the most well-known is in the Vaser Valley.

what to do Romania

Vaser Valley Railway by premus

Your Travel Tips for Romania

Please leave your tips for what to do in Romania as a comment.