Review of Uriwell Unisex Portable Urinal

Sometimes when travelling, you’ve simply gotta go, and a device such as the Uriwell Adult, a unisex portable urinal, can be very useful. It’s around the size of a tin of beans, but is expandable. However, even at its minimum size, it would take up a fair amount of valuable space if you were travelling by air with only one carry on bag.

For a woman, it’s a lot easier to pee into than a bottle. I didn’t have any leakage when I used it. It’s more discreet for females to use a Uriwell when wearing a skirt. A woman wearing trousers would need to pull then down to near enough the knees to fit the Uriwell between the legs.

I’m not sure about its longevity, as the handle hinge looks like it might snap anytime. Once you’ve contracted and expanded the contraption a few times, I wonder if some stess points might start to leak. I held it upside down when it was full of water and it didn’t leak.  However the base isn’t steady so it’s probably wise to keep it upright after use.

It’s quite hard to dry the Uriwell after washing, as the water lies in the folds.

I think that the Uriwell’s most practical use would be in the car, when you were delayed or couldn’t find a toilet. It’s easier to use if the car is stationary, as it’s better to perch on the edge of the seat during use, since most car seats slope back a bit.

I’ve also reviewed the Whiz Freedom, a urine director for women.