Things to Do in Clapham in South London

I stayed at the Travelodge Clapham Junction for a couple of nights during a recent trip to London, in keeping with my recent approach of staying in different areas when I visit there. It was really easy to get to Clapham Junction by National Rail from Victoria Station, with trains departing every few minutes. Here are my travel tips for things to do in Clapham.

Dine at Sappho Meze Bar

On my first evening I followed the Twitter tip from Vicki Brown (tweeting as @LaNomadita) to eat the Sappho Meze Bar, close to  North Clapham tube station. For £10.50 I had a real feast with a wide selection of meze(des), a lamb main course and Greek yoghurt with honey.

Starters at Sappho Greek restaurant in Clapham North #londonjaunt

Meze at Sappho’s in North Clapham

See a Show in a Pub Theatre

Sounds unlikely, but the Landor Theatre is on the first floor of this pub near North Clapham tube station. The theatre can seat up to sixty people and tickets cost between £15 and £20. There’s also a pleasant garden at the back of the pub.

The Landor: Pub; Garden & Theatre in Clapham North

The Landor

Go to a Sewing Cafe

Close to the Landor pub is the Sew Over It sewing cafe. It costs £5 an hour, which includes unlimited pots of tea. You must have some sewing experience, but there also exist classes for beginners. I spoke to the owner Lisa Comfort and she reckons that sewing and making your own clothes is back in vogue now.

Sew Over It Sewing Cafe in Clapham North, London

Sew Over It in North Clapham

Buy Some Yummy Cakes at the Old Post Office Bakery

The wares of the Old Post Office Bakery, also in Landor Road, sound so tempting. Just as well they were closing up when I arrived, as I would’ve been too tempted by the Orange Almond Cake and the Banana Bread.

Old Post Office Bakery in Landor Rd Clapham North

The Old Post Office Bakery in North Clapham

Have a Coffee at the colourful Bowling Green Cafe in Clapham Common

The Bowling Green Cafe is located at the south of Clapham Common, next to the tennis courts.

Bowling Green Cafe in Clapham Common London

The Bowling Green Cafe in Clapham Common

Admire the sculptures outside the Mary Seacole Centre

I loved the sculptures outside the Mary Seacole Centre, a health centre and library in Clapham High Street.

Sculptures outside Mary Seacole Centre in Clapham London

Sculpture outside Mary Seacole Centre in Clapham High Street

Go Fishing in Clapham Common

It was a very cold March day when I walked around Clapham Common, but that didn’t appear to deter the fishermen who had set up shop at Mount Pond.

Fishing in London's Clapham Common

Fishing at Clapham Common

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my travel tips for things to do in Clapham and if you have any to add, please leave a comment.