Nine Things to Do in Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Here are my tips for things to do in Vigo in Galicia in north western Spain.

Enjoy the View from Parque de Castrelos

You get some of the best views of Vigo from Parque de Castrelos. I was there in the late afternoon, an hour or so before sunset.

View over Vigo from Castrelos Park

Fountain in Castrelos Park

Take a Dip at Playa de Samil

It wasn’t quite warm enough for swimming during my trip to Vigo, but you can take a walk along the prom.

Playa de Samil

There are several cafes dotted along the prom and a great kids play area.

The prom at Playa de Samil

Visit Museo Marco

This museum of contemporary arts used to be a prison.

MARCO de Vigo

Museo Marco

I visited the A Balea Negra exhibition, which marks the 10th anniversary of the Prestige oil tanker disaster which had devastating effects on the Galician coast.

Revolving oil barrels at the A Balea Negra exhibition

Walk Along Vigo Prom

I walked along Vigo prom at dusk and dawn. The harbour is really deep and enormous cruise ships can berth in the city.

P&O Arcadia docked in Vigo

Fallen man sculpture & shopping centre on Vigo prom

Admire La Alameda Gardens

It was pretty wet during my second day in Vigo. However, I managed to have a walk around La Alamdeda Gardens, just  up from the prom, during a dry spell in the afternoon.

Fountain in La Alameda Gardens

Sculpture in La Alameda Gardens

See Grand Living at the Pazo-Museo Quiniones de Leon

This museum used to be the home of a wealthy local family.

Dining room at Pazo-Museo Quiniones de Leon

There were chandeliers in most of the rooms, which I photographed from my Chandeliers Board on Pinterest. You can also have a wander around the museum garden.

Beautiful chandelier at Pazo-Museo Quiniones de Leon

Take a Boat to the Cies Islands

One of the best things to do in Vigo, as long as you don’t suffer from sea-sickness (like me) is to take a trip to the Cies Islands.

Approaching Rodas Beach on the Cies Islands

Looking down on Las Rodas Beach

Have lunch at Restaurante Mirador do Cepudo

If you want to eat well whilst enjoying wonderful views, then Restaurante Mirador do Cepudo is the place to head for.

View from Restaurante Mirador do Cepudo

Fish platter at Restaurante Mirador do Cepudo

Listen to Galician Music

As a Scot I’ve heard plenty of bagpipes, but the Galicians also play this instrument.

Local musicians perform at a Tapas bar in Vigo

Sebastian of Off the Path tries his hand at the Galician drum

Your Tips for Things to Do in Vigo

If you have any recommendations for Vigo, please leave a comment.

I visited the city as a guest of Turismo de Vigo on the 2nd blogger trip to Vigo in October 2012.