The Pier Lighthouse in Berwick upon Tweed: Today’s Walk 13 January 2013

There were a few sleet flurries earlier today in Berwick upon Tweed, but it stayed dry and fairly calm for our walk this afternoon towards the RNLI station in Spittal.  As we walked down past Tweedmouth dock, we could see a bank of cloud on the horizon that looked almost like hilly terrain. I spent a bit of time at the jetty at the RNLI  trying out various photo effects on my new Samsung ST200F camera. I loved the photo below for which I used the 10 times optical zoom plus the oil painting filter. There was a seal swimming near the jetty; however I still had the camera on the oil painting filter when I tried to take a photo of it, so that photo didn’t turn out very well.

lighthouse from RNLI