Review of Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

I stayed at the Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket for one night on 26 December 2012. The price was £16.80 for a double room with a window. However, you can’t avoid a card payment fee when booking with Tune Hotels; it’s 1% for Maestro and Electron cards and 1.75% for credit cards. The hotel is directly opposite Haymarket Railway Station, so it’s easy to find. The hotel opened around one week before I stayed and there was an unpleasant plasticy type smell throughout the whole building.

Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

Exterior of Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

I was allocated a room on the fourth floor, facing Haymarket station. The double glazing was very effective as I didn’t hear any exterior noise with the window shut, despite the fact that there was construction work going on overnight at the station. However, I had to have my window open overnight to try to dissipate the “new build” smell. There are also tram track works going on outside the hotel, which I assume were suspended for the holidays.

When you book at Tune hotels, the cheapest rooms are windowless. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. It could be a positive thing in Summer when sun streaming through inadequate curtains can wake you up early. It could also reduce external noise in your room. At the same time, I don’t like not having any natural light. The rooms do have air conditioning.

View from my room atTune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

View from my bedroom window toward the Pentland Hills

I was glad that I was only staying for one night, as there were only four rather insubstantial coat hangers. The rooms was just big enought to fit in the double bed. The bed was comfortable, but I prefer to have a chair in my hotel room for working on my netbook. The bathroom had a very good shower.

Room at Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

My room at the Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

My big beef with Tune Hotels is that they don’t even include a towel in the room rate. I’ve previously written on no-frills hotels, stating that I don’t consider a towel to be a frill, but at Tune hotels you pay £1.50 for a towel and toiletries. I also didn’t like the lack of a kettle for making a cup of tea or coffee in the room, which wasn’t available even as an extra.

Below are the other optional add-on charges for a one night stay.

  • TV – £3
  • Hairdryer – £2
  • WiFi – £3
  • Safe – £2
  • Left kuggage – £2 per case

I bashed my leg on the protruding window ledge, covered by the curtain, when making my way round to the window. There was potential for another bash in the form of the safe door, which was hanging open at shin level at one side of the bed. There really needs to be a clip to keep the safe door closed when the safe is not in locked.

Trip hazard safe door at Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

The protruding safe doot trip hazard

Initially I could only find one electical socket in the room by the beside shelf. However the next morning I discovered that there was a small fold up desk below the TV which revealed a further two sockets on the wall. I think it’d be beneficial to guests if there was a sticker saying “press to release desk and for more sockets”, as I’d assumed that it was access for TV controls.

Fold open desk in room at Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

Fold up desk at the Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

I thought that the check out time of 10am was too early. You can extend this up to 1pm for an additional payment of £15.  Check in time is 3pm, but that you can check in up to three hours early, at a charge of £5 for each hour.

I checked out at 10am, but worked in the lobby for around 40 minutes. It was so cold in the lobby that I had to wear my thick jacket.

Lobby at Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

Lobby at Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

You really need to add on all the extras when comparing prices with other hotels. For example, at a Travelodge I wouldn’t have to pay for the TV and I could check out at noon, which would cost me an extra £18 at a Tune hotel. Plus at Travelodge, I’d have tea and coffee making facilities and free WiFi in the public area if the hotel had a Bar Cafe. I could also pay for my Traveldoge room with a debit card without incurring a card payment fee.

I’ve seen double rooms at Jurys Inn Edinburgh for as little as £60 a night including breakfast in low season. For that price you get to check in at 2pm and check out at 2pm. You stay in a spacious room with windows, a desk, a small table and two chairs. TV, left luggage and tea and coffee making facilities are included in the price, and the breakfast is really good.

In summary, I’m not convinced that staying in a pokey room at the Tune Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket is really a budget option once you factor in the cost of a few extras.  Even with these extras, you will still be staying in a cramped room with nowhere to sit except the bed,  four coat hangers for your clothes and tripping over your case and the safe door.