Visiting the British Museum, London

I prefer to pay fairly short visits to museums and focus on one theme. It’s just too overwhelming to spend hours in museums. On my most recent trip to London, this strategy was my only option at the British Museum. My train arrived at Kings Cross mid afternoon. By the time I checked into my hotel, unpacked, had a cup of tea and walked to the British Museum, it was only one hour until closing time. The British Museum is open seven days a week from 10am – 5.30pm, with late opening until 8.30pm on Fridays.

Exterior of British Museum at dusk

I wandered up to the first floor to get some shots of of the building from the balcony there.

Interior of British Museum at dusk

I spent most of my time in the Europe 1800 – 1900 room, which had a variety of objects. It’s quite hard to take photos of objects in glass cabinets between your own and light reflections on the glass and passers by being visible through the glass.

Wedgewood busts and urn

Coloured glass selection at the British Museum

Small sculptures at the British Museum

Decorative plate at the British Museum

Ceramics at the British Museum

Snuff boxes at the British Museum

 I’d love to wear this necklace and earrings displayed at the British Museum

Coral jewellery at the British Museum

Shell bracelet and ruby ring at the British Museum

 Jewellery selection at the British Museum

I enjoyed my brief visit to the British Museum. I was glad that I stayed in a hotel within walking distance of Kings Cross Station, so I didn’t have to haul my case on the London Underground. It also meant that the British Museum was only a fifteen walk from my hotel.

Finding reasonably priced London hotels of a decent standard that are close to the city centre is a real challenge. I don’t see the point in staying in a hotel that is really far away from all the London attractions. The trick is to book well in advance and avoid peak periods. I was able to find lower prices at hotels in London when I visited in August 2012, in the week between the Olympics and the Paralympics, than I could in the November.

Love UK

Love UK