Review of Lombardia Antwerp

I had lunch at Lombardia Antwerp in August 2012 using a 15 Euro voucher given to me by Visit Flanders. It’s a very colourful vegetarian restaurant. Although there was outdoor seating, I elected to sit inside in the shade. Between the tables looking more like small desks and collage style decoration, the interior made me feelt like I was in a primary school in desperate need of renovation. I was glad that most customers were outside, as it would’ve felt very cramped inside it if’d been busy.

Lombardia Antwerp

Lombardia Antwerp

I’m not sure that the menu doubling as a table mat was a great idea, as mine was starting to get a bit tatty.  The organic bread served with the salad was more like some kind of very hard cracker. The salad was good and felt as though it was very healthy, but personally a bit of cheese would have made it much tastier for me.

Lombardia Antwerp

Salad at Lombardia Antwerp

My salad and a mug of tea came to just under 15 Euro; which seems a little on the expensive side given the rather makeshift, not too spacious, quite tatty interior. I think it’s one of these ‘in’ places that thrives on being quirky.

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