Newham City Farm: A Great Free Day Out for the Family

Newham City Farm is in East London, a ten minute walk from Royal Albert station on the Docklands Light Railway. I visited when I was staying at the nearby Travelodge London Excel. It’s free to enter, although donations are welcome. I arrived there soon after the 10am opening time to take some photos before there were too many people around.

Newham City Farm London

Entrance to Newham City Farm

I thought I’d only spend about half an hour there, but I had such fun I stayed for than two hours. The star attraction for me was Blaze, an enormous Shire horse. He works pulling a cart, taking manure to a local allotment a couple of times a week.

Newham City Farm

Blaze at Newham City Farm

It wasn’t his day to be harnessed up but the mobile blacksmith arrived to do the six-weekly shodding. It was the first time I’d seen this being done. It was really interesting talking to the blacksmith who told me a lot of his work is with horses who pull funeral hearse carriages.

Blaze the Shire horse getting shod at Newham City Farm London

Blaze being shod

The donkeys were very sweet and were getting sprayed with fly repellent. One of them then had pink moisturiser applied to his lower legs. It’s obvious that the staff and volunteers give the animals the best of care.

Donkey at Newham City Farm London

Donkey at Newham City Farm

I never knew pigs could be so noisy but they were squealing beligerently until they were given their breakfast. The Kune Kune pigs originate in New Zealand and have a couple of tassles hanging under their neck.

Kune Kune pig looking for his breakfast at Newham City Farm London

Kune Kune pig at Newham City Farm

The goats were hard to photograph, as they were constantly moving around and scratching themselves on the bark on the tree trunks.

Bearded goat at Newham City Farm London

Goat at Newham City Farm

The alpacas looked as thought they’d been recently shorn.

Recently shorn alpacas at Newham City Farm London

Alpacas at Newham City Farm

There’s a covered picnic area, a play area for younger kids, a barbeque, toilets and a cafe at Newham City Farm.

Shaded picnic area at Newham City Farm London

Covered picnic area at Newham City Farm

I’d recommend a visit to Newham City Farm, it’s a great free day out in east London. It’s closed on Mondays. Opening hours are 10am – 5pm during the Summer and 10am – 4pm in Winter.

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