His versus Her Travel Planning

With peak Summer holiday season around the corner, the comparison team at Moneysupermarket travel insurance has done some research into the differences in UK male and female attitudes to travel planning, illustrated in the video infographic below.

I can relate to the finding that on average, women spend four days more on researching their holiday than men. I do the bulk of travel planning in our household, but that’s natural as I’m the travel blogger and always thinking about things to write about on Europe a la Carte.

Now if 50% of men pack the night before their holiday, when do the other 50% pack, a few minutes before leaving home for the airport?

Stephen Fry is the travel companion of choice for both men and women. It just proves that we all want to relax and have a laugh when on holiday.

Worringly, men are more likely than women to go on holiday without travel insurance. This is plain silly for anyone; travel insurance is pretty cheap and means you won’t end up massively out of pocket if you do have a mishap when you’re away.


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