Review of Vodafone Euro Traveller

If you’re on a pay monthly contact with Vodafone, you now have the option of using their Vodafone Euro Traveller when travelling in most of Europe. For an additional £3 a day, you can use your mobile phone contract in most of Europe, as you would in the UK.  You can use your inclusive minutes and texts to call standard landline and mobile phone numbers in the UK and in any of the participating European countries. The £3 daily charge is only made if you make calls, send texts or use data, receiving calls or texts is free.

I mainly use data when travelling. I previously used the Vodafone Data Traveller at a cost £2 a day, or £10 per month, for 25MB of data per day, in most of Europe. I was also automatically enrolled in the Vodafone Passport scheme as part of my pay monthly contract, which has a connection charge of 75 pence for each call (made or received) lasting up to 60 minutes. I could use my inclusive minutes to make these calls but not for texting.

The Vodafone Euro Traveller sounds like a good deal, if you make and receive several calls, send texts and use data when you are in Europe.

My current UK price plan gives me 500 MB of data per month. This is more flexible than the limit of 25MB per day available on the Vodafone Data Traveller. I’ve been caught out before, exceeding my daily data limit and being hit with high charges. With the Euro Traveller, any excess charges for usage above your allowances are payable at the rate applied to your UK price plan.

However, if I were travelling for more than three days in Europe, the Data Traveller at £10 a month would be better value for me. As an example, if I spent eight days in Europe in a one month billing period, I’d pay £10 with the Data Traveller. If I sign up for the Euro Traveller, it’ll cost me £24 for the eight days. Yes, I’d be able to make and receive calls and send texts. But as I mainly use data, I’d probably be better sticking to the Euro Data Traveller, as long as I don’t exceed the 25MB daily data allowance.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Vodafone have withdrawn the Euro Data Traveller option for pay monthly contract customers. So it looks like I’ll either have to stump up the £3 a day for the Vodafone EuroTraveller, or restrict myself to free WiFi in my hotel or cafes when I’m travelling in Europe.

In my opinion, Vodafone should have retained the Euro Data Traveller option for customers like me who mainly use data while travelling.