Review of The Italian Job Restaurant in Glasgow

We had a family lunch at The Italian Job restaurant in Glasgow in June 2012. It’s located close to Trongate. We used a Groupon voucher which cost £27 for four people to have a starter, main course (excluding specials) and either a glass of wine or a beer each. I  was given credit by Groupon to select and roadtest a variety of their offers.

Now I always read the fine print carefully before buying a Groupon voucher, that’s why I was so annoyed when we weren’t able to order two of the main courses on the standard menu. Prawns with Pasta was unavailable, as the restaurant said that they had run out of prawns and Florentine Pizza, no explanation given for this. We tried to say to the owner that it was only the Specials that were supposed to be excluded from the Groupon offer, to which she replied that she thought we were getting a good choice of items. Now I just don’t think this is acceptable. But you are left feeling rather impotent if  restaurants refuse to honour the terms of the Groupon voucher. It really is a pity that the meal got off to a bad start, as the food was very good.

We all tasted each other’s food and our favourite starter was the Red Pepper with Feta & Pinenuts. The salad dressing was excellent.

Red Pepper with Feta & Pinenuts starter

I also enjoyed the Giant Mushroom stuffed with Soft Cheese.


Stuffed Mushroom starter

I thought that the Chicken Pasta was the tastiest main course. My Lasagne was good but the surrounding tomato sauce was too rich for me.

Chicken Pasta

The Four Seasons Pizza was good but a bit on the small side for a main course.

4 Seasons Pizza

In summary, eating at The Italian Job was spoilt by the restaurant’s attitude to the Groupon voucher. It certainly put me off ever eating at that restaurant again. Although to be fair, I’d be unlikely to pay the full price of around £60 for 4 people for an Italian lunch in Glasgow.

With occurrences like this, the supplier is shooting itself in the foot as customers won’t return to their establishment and probably won’t buy any more Groupon vouchers. Plus they’ll tell their friends not to use that supplier or Groupon.

I’d like to see a Groupon hotline which you can phone to resolve issues like this immediately, backed up by a guarantee that if the restaurant doesn’t stick to its end of the bargain, customers get a refund/credit. Groupon needs to restore confidence in its deals.