A Day Trip from Inverness; Dornoch, Loch Fleet, Lairg & Bonar Bridge

We took a day trip driving north from Inverness during our budget break in Scotland in early May 2012.  The Scottish Highlands has to be one of the best places to visit in Europe, especially in Spring. We headed north on the A9. Our first stop was in the coastal town of Dornoch, around 30 miles miles north of Inverness. We had a walk along the beach; although it was sunny, there was a fierce northerly wind but we managed to find some shelter in the sand dunes to have a coffee from our flask.

Dornoch Beach

Walking back to the car, I had a look into the garden at Dornoch Castle Hotel, which seemed to be sheltered and warm.

The garden at Dornoch Castle Hotel

We had a picnic lunch at a bench overlooking Loch Fleet.

Loch Fleet from our picnic bench

Sluice gates at Loch Fleet

Just north of Loch Fleet we took the A839 west to Lairg on Loch Shin. At first we thought that the WW1 Memorial top had broken off, but then we read that it was deliberate to symbolise the many young lives cut off in their prime.

WW1 Memorial in Lairg

Loch Shin in Lairg

Next we headed south on the A836 to Bonar Bridge.

Bonar Bridge over the Dornoch Firth

Me among the Rocks of Northern Scotland in Bonar Bridge

We stayed on the A836 along the southern shore of the Dornoch Firth and then rejoined the A9 to head back south to Inverness for a walk along the River Ness.

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