My Bath Fringe Festival Experience

On my first trip on the Best Western Get Up & Go blogger panel, I was asked to select a couple of events to attend during the Bath Fringe in May 2012. The first was the Ministry of Burlesque High Tease at Komedia. I was curious, as I’d heard quite a bit about the popularity of burlesque in the UK. The audience was weighed towards females, consisting mainly of groups of female friends and couples. The compere was hilarious with a strong camp element.

Bath Fringe Festival

Me tweeting at the Minisry of Burlesque High Tease interval

There was a bit of audience participation with one brave guy going up onto the stage to be teased to death. The video below is of my favourite act; great feather action.

The following evening I was off to see some modern dance with the premiere of ‘Hold Everything Dear’ by Laila Diallo at the ICIA at the University of Bath. I can’t say I took to the style of dancing; some of it seemed awfully floppy to me, like a drunk staggering around almost falling over. There were some beautiful accompanying vocals and a bit at the start about “the holiday of a lifetime where everything is perfect” which made me laugh. Although I’m a travel blogger, I don’t believe in gushing positivity.

‘Hold Everything Dear’ postcard by Laila Diallo

Overall I enjoyed the Bath Fringe Festival shows. It’s good to try something new, even if it doesn’t always turn out to be your cup of tea.

Love UK

Love UK