Review of Clube de Journalistas Restaurant Lisbon

The Clube de Journlistas Restaurant hosted Mary Goudie, of Your Lisbon Guide and me for dinner in late March 2012. The restaurant is rated no 1 in TripAdvisor’s Lisbon restaurants, so I was expecting something very special.

Clube de Journalistas It was a pity that we didn’t eat in the Tiled Room which was much more characterful than the stone clad area in which we dined.

In Summer most dining is done al fresco. However, when I was there they were in the middle of cutting down some large trees in the garden for safety reasons. I think it would be lovely to eat in the garden.

Ivan calls himself a cook rather than a chef and he had put together a Tasting Menu for us. Ivan and the other cooks bring the food to the table.  As I explained in my review of the Panorama Restaurant Lisbon, I don’t consider myself a gourmet, I prefer a two or three course meal to several small taster courses.

Clube de JournalistasWe started with a selection of delicious breads baked on the premises, including Black Bread (no, not burnt toast), coloured with squid ink and it did smell a bit fishy.

Clube de JournalistasI enjoyed the Prawn Rissotto.

Clube de JournalistasMy favourite dish was the Lamb served with Potato, Carrot & Parsnip.

The dessert was a strange mix of a Chocolate Cake, Egg Creme Myrtle, Mango with Yoghurt, Rice & Caramel topped with (a too hard to eat) Hazelnut Cookie.

I checked pricces on the menu; starters cost from 6 Euro and Rissotto cost 13.5 Euro. I’m not sure if you’d get a larger serving of Rissotto or Lamb if you ordered it as main course, instead of as part of a tasting menu, as the portions we had were quite small. I’d classify it as a mid range restaurant, as you’d probably spend around 50 Euro per person if you had three courses plus wine and coffee.

While Clube de Journalistes’ food was good and I think that eating in the garden would greatly enhance the dining experience, I’m not quite sure why it’s rated the No 1 restaurant in Lisbon by TripAdvisor, especially as the aforementioned Panorama Restaurant stands at No 189 in the ratings.

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