Review of Panorama Restaurant Lisbon

The Panorama Restaurant at the Lisbon Sheraton Hotel, hosted Mary Goudie of Your Lisbon Guide and me for dinner in late March 2012.  The restaurant is located on the top floor, so has great views over Lisbon. However, I think the views would be better in daylight, due to all the light pollution after dark.

Panorama Restaurant Lisbon

Me posing with a glass of Mum at the Panorama Restaurant Lisbon

There’s a very relaxed atmosphere, the tables are well spaced out and the chairs are comfy. We had the Tasting Menu, which costs 75 Euro excluding drinks, with a couple of additions.

The chef Lionel is charming, he’s originally from Faro in the Algarve and is passionate about using fresh, local produce.  The waiting staff dismissed any stereotypes about Lionel being a dictator in the kitchen and he certainly came across as very level headed.

Panorama Restaurant Lisbon

Me with chef Lionel Pereira at the Panorama Restaurant Lisbon

I have to say that the Tasting Menu was somewhat wasted on me, as I’m no foodie, so don’t fully appreciate the gastromonic journey of the palate. I prefer to have one or two larger courses than a multitude of small tasters. I also think that there can sometimes be too many different flavours in one dish in gourmet dining e.g. the Red Algarve Prawn (pictured below) was so tasty, it didn’t need all these other fishy/seafood things on it.  Here are some highlights of our meal.

Panorama Restaurant LisbonTuna Tarantella – a tuna & clam mousse with onion compote

Panorama Restaurant LisbonRed Algarve Prawn – with seaweed, toiko roes, sea urchin, tube barnacles & prawn sauce served with white corn

Panorama Restaurant LisbonVeal Tenderloin – with wild mushrooms, chestnuts & pumpkin

Panorama Restaurant LisbonHot Chocolate Soup – with hazelnuts, pecan & pistachios

If you’re looking for an upscale gourmet experience in a relaxed atmosphere with excellent service, then the Panorama Restaurant Lisbon is a good choice.

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