Review of Jaktogo Travel Jacket

I was given a Jaktogo large pocketed travel jacket/bag for review. The idea is to allow you to save on travel by carrying more luggage on board the plane, while avoiding the hassle and expense of hold luggage. The jacket has 14 pockets of various sizes on the exterior and interior. Most of them are secured by velcro but there are some with zips.  The Jaktogo folds into a bag with handles, making it easy to carry before and after wearing it to get through the boarding gate. However I was unable to work out how to do the jacket to bag conversion from the instructions. I’d advise that you to pay careful attention to how the bag is assembled when you first unwrap the Jaktogo.


Me wearing a Jaktogo

I had the feeling that if I filled all the pockets it would be like wearing a fat suit and I’d be boiling wearing the jacket. The manufacturers recommend that you wear the jacket for a maximum of five minutes, I assume just long enough to get through the boarding gate. However this isn’t always feasible; for example while I was queueing, for at least 20 minutes, to board the Ryanair flight to Edinburgh at Faro Airport in March 2012, the Ryanair luggage police were patrolling the queue, checking everyone’s hand luggage, so you’d have to be wearing the Jaktogo during all that time.

The makers say the jacket is water resistant but I wished that the jacket was made of waterproof material and had a zip and a hood, so it could also double as a waterproof jacket during my trip. At present the jacket is secured by a belt and some velcro, which gapes when you move. As things stand, I’d need to take another jacket with me, either in one of the Jaktogo pockets, or in my carrry-on case.

The Jaktogo normally costs 79.95 Euro (around £66) plus 6.25 Euro postage. However there’s currently a Spring discount of 10% until 30 April 2012. Considering it costs between £15 – £40 for the first checked bag on Ryanair, you could recoup the outlay of a Jaktogo after a few flights.

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This post is based on my own personal experience and research, be sure to check the hand luggage restrictions with the airline before you fly. I received a free Jaktogo for review.