Save 10% on

I’ve recently seen two ways to save money on bookings.  I recommend checking for the lowest accommodation prices on the HotelsCombined price comparison site and directly with the hotel before booking. However if are offering competitive prices at the hotel you want to book, then getting an additional 10% off the price is a great bonus.

  1. The UK cashback site, TopCashBack, was offering 10% cashback on bookings made with through the link on the TopCashBack site. The standard cashback is 8% but I have seen it as high as 12%. However you will have to wait for a few months to receive the cashback payment.
  2. You can get a 10% discount voucher if you like the UK page on Facebook. There are some exclusions in the T&Cs but the discount code worked in all the examples I tried.

I prefer to go for the straight discount applied to the price paid when booking, as you are never guaranteed to receive cashbacks.

I wondered if it would be possible to get a 20% double discount by booking through the link on TopCashBack and then using the 10% discount code generated on the UK Facebook page. However, it does say on the TopCashBack site that the use of any discount codes not generated by TopCashBack will void your eligibility to a cashback from them. It would appear that some other bargain hunters must’ve tried that ploy already.

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Update 22 February 2012 – The Facebook 10% discount code expired yesterday but keep a look out for new voucher codes. TopCashBack are currently offering the standard 8% cahback on bookings.

Update 12 March 2012 – I found  March 10% discount code on the UK Facebook page.