Travel Insurance for Older Travellers

When I reviewed the Silver Travel Advisor site recently, I concluded that I wasn’t convinced that older travellers really needed a specific travel site for most issues. However, I did pick up on the issue that travel insurance is one area that can become tricky for mature travellers.

Old people looking at something

When I was investigating upgrading my Halifax Reward Current Account in order to get “free” annual multi-trip insurance,  I noticed that the age limit of that insurance policy was 65. Whereas in the stand-alone annual Halifax policy, the upper age limit was 70. I know that once my Dad hit 75 his travel insurance premiums soared.

It does seem a bit unfair that you are excluded from standard policies solely on the basis of age. I suspect that there are some 75 year olds who are healthier than some 55 year olds!

So how do older travellers find the best value travel insurance once standard policies won’t cover them? One solution is to try a specialist insurance company such as Staysure. It’s likely that your premiums will be higher than under standard travel insurance cover; but you should still shop around for the best deal.  My tips for buying travel insurance still apply, such as checking out if contents temporarily away from your home are covered by your home insurance, deciding if you will go for a single trip or a multi-trip annual policy and the level of excess (the amount taken off your claim total).