Visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

I’m a huge fan of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London having visited on many occasions over the years. I reckon it’s one of the best museums in Europe. My most recent visit was in November 2011.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Exterior of V&A

The ceramic staircase is really beautiful.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Ceramic staircase at V&A

I was entranced by the glass exhibition, particularly the green glass balustrade leading to a mezzanine gallery.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Green glass balustrade at V&A

The colourful piece below was like a shimmering giant clam shell.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Glass exhibit at V&A

I had a quick walk through the Silver exhibition and spotted a wine cooler which was the size of  small bath tub.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Giant wine cooler at V&A

The Art Deco frieze pictured below was an adornment of the Royal Doulton ceramics HQ in London until the building was demolished in 1978 and the frieze moved to the V&A.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Doulton frieze at V&A

Althought it was November the weather was so mild that I was able to sit out in the garden to eat my sandwiches.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Garden at V&A

The Private Eye exhibition was recommended to me on Twitter and it was hilarious.  There were lots of Private Eye front covers; the funniest one was Tony Blair at the side of patient’s bed in an NHS hospital, reassuring the patient that a spin doctor would be with her soon. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos at the temporary exhibitions.

I also visited the PostModerism: Style & Subversion 1970-1990 exhibition, which runs until 25 January 2012. It’s strange because when you live through a period you often don’t analyse what’s going around you because you’re too absorbed in your everyday life.

I read that the V&A is open until 22.00 on Fridays, I wish all museums had late night opening, on different nights of the week, so you could have a more leisurely day sightseeing instead of having to rush around attractions.

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