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Ten Top Sporting Events in Europe

If you’re interest in sports in Europe, here are some ideas for top sports events in Europe.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 race takes place annually on the Circuit de Monaco in late May and is considered to be one of the more important automobile races in the world. The race is considered to be dangerous, with narrow paths, varying elevations, tunnels, and tight corners. The Grand Prix Monaco is part of the “triple crown” of races, which also includes the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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The field on the warm up lap of the Monaco Grand Prix by Arrr!

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Vasaloppet Ski Race, Sweden

Every February, Vasaloppet, a 90 kilometer cross country ski race, takes place in Mora, Sweden. Supposedly, the race follows the path taken by Gustav Vasa in 1520 when he raised a rebellion to steal the throne from the Danish king. While this may not be 100% accurate, it is still fun to play along. And, to make the path even more special, it has been declared a nature reserve, meaning the land is protected.

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The Vasaloppet finish line by nicksieger

 The Rome Marathon, Italy

The Rome Marathon, or the Maratona di Roma, takes place every March .Runners will get the chance to exercise while taking in the major sites, such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximum, St. Peter’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Olympic Stadium, and more. While the run is mostly flat land, expect about 6 kilometers of cobblestone. For those that are just weekend runners and not hardcore athletes, you can take part on the Rome Fun Run, which is 4.2195 kilometers, 1/10 of the distance of the actual event.  We’ve lots of ideas for things to do in Rome, many from local resident Kimberly Sullivan.

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The Rome Marathon by Kimberly Sullivan 

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European Handball Championship

Held in January, the European Handball Championship hosts 16 of the best handball teams in Europe. In 2011 the event was held in Austria and in 2012 it’s Serbia. The event draws large, excited crowds and is a lot of fun to watch. Participation in this event also gives teams automatic berth at the handball world championship.

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The European Handball Championship in Austria by neha

 Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France takes place in France as well as nearby countries, spanning 3,600 kilometers. The event lasts 3 weeks and attracts cyclists and spectators from around the globe. While the course changes every year it has always ended in Paris. This race is not for the weak, and there have even been some fatalities in the past caused by drownings, collisions, medical emergencies, and even plunging from a mountain road. Nevertheless, there are cyclists who return time after time and for those looking for a challenge this is it.

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Tour de France by Celso Flores

 St. Leger Festival, Doncaster, England

This 10-day festival takes place at the Doncaster Racecourse annually around August and September. However, the St. Leger Festival is more than just elite horse racing. Some other features of the event include markets, exhibits, live music, heritage walks, and more.

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 The French Open

This major tennis event takes place in Roland Garros in Paris.  The French Open is held over 2 weeks in late May and early June and is one of the most physically challenging tennis tournaments in the world due to the clay-made course. It is one of the more renowned tennis competitions in the world and compared to other events in terms has the widest broadcasting and audience.  If you can tear yourself away from the courts, there are we’ve lot of Paris sightseeing tips.

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 The Berlin Marathon, Germany

The Berlin Marathon takes place in Berlin every year on the last weekend of September. The course spans a distance of 42.195 kilometers and is one of the most popular races in the world, attracting runners from over 100 different countries and having the most world records set at the event. What is also great about this 2 day marathon is that there are events that coincide with it, such as power walkers, wheel chair rides, a children’s race, and a race for handbikers. We’ve plenty of tips for things to do in Berlin on Europe a la Carte.

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 Spartathlon Race, Greece

Spartathlon takes place every September and follows the 246 kilometer route that Pheidippides, a messenger from Athens, took to Sparta in 490 BC to get help against Persian attack in the Battle of Marathon. What makes this race really challenging, aside from the far distance, is the 75 timed checkpoints along the way. If you do not make each checkpoint by a certain time you may be pulled from the race.

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The EUROSAF High Performance Grand Prix, Murcia, Spain

The Eurosaf High Performance Grand Prix is a sailing event taking place in Murcia in October. Sailors from all over the world can participate from all different classes, including International Moth, 29er XX, Kite Boards, Formula 18 Multihull, D-One, and A-Class Catamaran. While this is the first year for this particular event, EUROSAF (European Sailing Federation) has hosted numerous other sailing events, such as the Youth Sailing Games and Freestyle Sailing Championship.

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