Eleven of the Loveliest Cathedrals in Europe

Here are our travel tips for some of the loveliest cathedrals in Europe which have been visited by members of the Europe a la Carte bloggng team.

St Maria Cathedral, Island of Gotland, Sweden

Marcus enjoyed his visit to St Maria Cathedral in the town of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, where he stumbled upon the choir practising. St Maria started life as a church in the 13th century becoming a cathedral in the 16th century.

St Maria Cathedral by Marcus Cederstrom

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St Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic

It took more than 600 years to complete Prague’s St Vitus Cathedral. Marcus recommends that you return to the cathedral after dark to admire the floodlit structure.

cathedrals in europe

St Vitus’ ceiling by Marcus Cederstrom

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Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Amanda relates how impressed she was when visiting Cologne Cathedral as a 14 year old and how she was just as much in awe of the building when she returned as an adult.

Cologne Cathedral by Amanda Kendle

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Elgin Cathedral, North East Scotland

I found the ruins of Elgin Cathedral in north east Scotland to be very atmospheric. My tip is to combine a visit to the very colourful Bibical Gardens, just across the road.

Elgin Cathedral

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Milan Cathedral, Italy

I agree with Marcus that the most memorable part of a visit in Milan Cathedral is going up to the roof, which is adorned with many sculptures of saints.

View from roof of Milan Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral, France

If you’re spending some time in Paris, Thomas recommends that you take a day trip to Chartres; the cathedral being one of the main draws.

Chartres Cathedral by Thomas Dowson

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Berlin Cathedral, Germany

Lyndsey highlights that Berlin Cathedral is one of the city’s free attractions. The cathedral was fortunate to escape any bomb damage during WW2.

Berlin Cathedral by Nigel’s Europe

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Upenski Cathedral, Helsiniki, Finland

Amanda says that visiting Helsinki’s Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral is like being transported to Russia.

Uspenski Cathedral by Amanda Kendle

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St Basil’s Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia

Amanda describes the crazy domes of St Basil’s Cathedral as being just as little over the top.

St Basil’s Cathedral by dorena-wm

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Amiens Cathedral, France

Thomas was wowed by the clever transformation of Amiens Cathedral to what experts think it looked like in medieval times. During the renovations, evidence of paintings on the exterior of the cathedral was discovered and now light projections mimic that effect.


The exterior before & after illumination by Thomas Dowson

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Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia

Neha describes how she used the spires of the main cathedral of the Croatian capital  Zagreb, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary, as navigation aids when she first moved into the city.

Looking towards Zagreb Cathedral by indiawest

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