10 (more) of the Best European Cities to Visit

After reader feedback from 10 of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe, I’ve written this post featuring more of the best European cities to visit.  I’ve included the three cities which received the highest number of votes in the online poll which weren’t included in my earlier post; Rome, Florence and Dublin.


As mentioned earlier, I got some stick for not including Rome in my initial best European cities post. We’ve lots of suggestions for things to do in Rome, many from Kimberly Sullivan who lives in the Italian capital from her “When in Rome” series on Europe a la Carte. We spent our 20th wedding anniversary in Rome and I loved the city, likening it to a living museum.

Best European cities to visit

Trevi Fountain in Rome by grenade

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My husband Demetrius visited the Estonian capital of Tallinn in late March 2011 when it was still pretty wintry with sub zero temperatures plus some light snow. You can read our Tallinn sightseeing tips from Demetrius and Sian Meades, a former member of the Europe a la Carte blogging team, who has also visited the city. Demetrius really enjoyed the Kumu Art Museum as it gives an insight into recent Estonian history.

Best European cities to visit

Tallinn Old Town

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We’ve plenty of tips for things to do in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. I’ve been to Dublin a couple of times and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere although I did find Dublin rather expensive when I was last there in Autumn 2009.

Best European cities to visit

Phil Lynott sculpture in Dublin

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I became a big fan of Brussels after my visit there in December 2009. I especially liked the Sound and Light Christmas Show in Grand Place and the St Catherine’s Christmas market.  We’ve some more tips on for things to do in Brussels to help you get the most from your trip.

Best European cities to visit

Grand Place Brussels

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Florence is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities and you can read our ideas for things to do in Florence. We visited the city in November 2009 and I reckon that Autumn or Spring are the best times to visit when it’s not hot or overrun with tourists. I think that the best views of Florence are from the Piazzale Michelangelo, where you’ll also find the Iris Garden.

Best European cities to visit

Me in Florence

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The coastal walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is on my would love to visit list; although I’ve been to Croatia a couple of times I’ve not yet made it to the south of the country.  You can read our tips on things to do in Dubrovnik to get some ideas for planning your visit.

Best European cities to visit

Dubrovnik walls by Amanda Kendle

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We’ve lots of ideas for things to do in Stockholm from Europe a la Carte blogger Marcus Cederstrom, a Swedish American who lived in the city until recently. I haven’t made it to Stockholm yet but I’ve been to Gothenburg which I thought was a lovely city and not as expensive as I though it would be, especially as I never drink alcohol.

Best European cities to visit

Dottingham Palace in Stockholm by Marcus Cederstrom

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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and one of our sons lives there. I have to admit that I prefer Edinburgh but Glasgow is great for shopping and night life. We’ve some ideas for what to do in Glasgow to help you get the most from your trip to the city. Two of my favourite Glasgow attractions the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and the new Riverside Museum are free to enter. There are some great Indian restaurants in the city such as Kama Sutra and Chillies West End.

Best European cities to visit

Princes Square shopping centre in Glasgow

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Valletta, the capital of Malta is really characterful. You can get a feel for the city in my post “Walking Through the Streets of Valletta“.

Best European cities to visit


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I always think that the city of Girona suffers from its proximity to the better known Barcelona and being the airport for many Costa Brava holiday resorts. However it’s a beautiful city with a medieval old town. My favourite thing to do there is to walk around the city walls. I’ve also reviewed the baubar restaurant and the budget Condal Hotel.

Best European cities to visit

Steps down from Girona Cathedral

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Planning your European City Trip

I’d do some research into the best time to visit a city in Europe e.g. I wouldn’t go to Rome in Summer because it’d be too hot for me then, whereas I’d view Stockholm as an ideal Summer destination. I’d shop around for the cheapest flights on a price comparison site. I’d only consider a direct flight for short break, otherwise I’d spend too much time in transit.