Ten Things to do in Naples, Italy

Naples has an interesting history, a history that continues to this day. It is a city that lately has spent more time in the news for high unemployment and issues with the Camorra crime organization. Despite all this, it is a city rich in tradition and still a beautiful tourist attraction on the Italian coast.

Things to do Naples

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Visit the Archaeological Museum

Check out the Naples National Archaeological Museum for one of the greatest collections of Greek and Roman artifacts. The museum is, of course, also home to an amazing collection of artifacts from the city of Pompeii.

Admire the Architecture of Gallerie Umberto I

Take pictures of the interior of the Galleria Umberto I. The Galleria is a public shopping center in Naples, but it is not for the shopping you need to head to the Galleria. It’s the architecture, especially the glass dome. Whether or not you buy a single thing, head to the Galleria and crane your head upwards.

Things to do Naples

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Go Underground

Go spelunking. Kind of. Naples has a sort of mirror subterranean city. Guided tours are available and last about 60 minutes and cover several kilometers of tunnels, caves, and terrain, all the while discussing the history of the city.

Things to do Naples

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Trek to the Summit of Mount Vesuvius

No trip to Naples would be complete without visiting Mt. Vesuvius. About ten kilometers from Naples, the volcano is of course best known for the eruption in 79 AD in which the entire city of Pompeii was destroyed. While Mt. Vesuvius is still an active volcano today, it has been designated a national park and visitors are welcome to hike to the summit. The views of Naples from Mt. Vesuvius are hard to beat.

Things to do Naples

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Walk Around the Historic Centre

Visit the center of Naples which has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The center of the city offers nearly 2500 years of history and culture making it well worthy of the designation by UNESCO.

Things to do Naples

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See Opera at the Real Teatro di San Carlo

For another World Heritage site, check out the Real Teatro di San Carlo. The theater opened in 1757 and is still active today.  Try to catch an opera performance or a ballet if you get the chance. Be warned though, tickets are not cheap.

Things to do Naples

Visit Naples Cathedral

Visit the Duomo di Napoli, an important cathedral for Catholics in the area.  Completed in the 14th century, the cathedral is now the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. Inside you’ll find a variety of impressive art work, from frescoes to altarpieces.

Things to do Naples

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Visit the Royal Palace

Wander through the 17th century Royal Palace of Naples (it’s another World Heritage site. You may be seeing a pattern here. The city has a lot to offer.). The Palace gives a glimpse into the royal past of the region.

Things to do Naples

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Visit the Castel Nuovo

Explore the Castel Nuovo, a medieval castle in Naples that has seen plenty of changes over the centuries. The fortress cuts an imposing figure in the cityscape and offers some beautiful views of the bay. Some might find the tour of the castle itself a bit underwhelming (it helps to have an interest in the medieval history of the region), but the exterior and views of Naples should satisfy most critics in your group.

Things to do Naples

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Eat Pizza in Its Birthplace

And finally, eat pizza. Lots of it. Search the city and find your favorite. Pizza is said to have originated in Naples, so explore and enjoy!

Things to do Naples

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