Photo Tour of Eisenstadt in Burgenland, Austria

I only visited the city of Eisenstadt in Burgenland in eastern Austria because of a lost in translation moment. I’d enquired at the reception desk of my hotel, St Martins Therme & Lodge, about the best driving route to the town of Rust, on the western shore of Lake Neusdield. The receptionist told me that there was a ferry from Morbisch an See, just south of Rust. I reckoned this would save me doing the return half circuit of the lake. My plan was to be back at the hotel in time for a swim in the outdoor pool before dinner. However, when I arrived at the ferry in Morbisch am See, I discovered it was a ferry for foot passengers and bicycles but not cars. As I drove back through Rust I noticed a road sign saying that it was only 15 kilometres to Eisenstadt, so I thought just go for it. I’m really glad I did. Yes, I missed my swim and 5 course dinner at the hotel (with a quick meal at a fast food restaurant as a poor substitute), but Eisenstadt was beautiful.

Bergkirche in Eisendstadt

One good thing about arriving in the evening was that it was easy to find a parking place just opposite the Bergkirche. The Austrian composer Joseph Haydn lived in Eisenstadt and the Hadyn Mausoleum is at the back of Bergkirche.  I arrived there are 18.50, ten minutes before closing time.

Haydn Mausoleum, Eisenstadt

The grand Esterhazy Castle was the main home of Prince Esterhazy, a Hungarian noble, as this area was part of Hungary until 1921.

Esterhazy Castle, Eisenstadt

Opposite Esterhazy Castle the wine store was bathed in evening sunlight.

Selektion Vinothek Burgenland, Eisenstandt

There was a outdoor cafe in the courtyard of Esterhazy Castle.

Esterhazy Castle courtyard

The Haydn Museum was a five minute walk from the castle.


The street in Eisenstadt where Haydn lived

Fountain in Eisenstadt

The Plague Column in the main street was constructed in the early 18th century to ask God to rid the city from the plague.

Intricate base of Plague Column

There was an Italian food market in the city that week.

Piedmont cheese stall at the Italian market

I loved the golden unicorn decoration at a street corner.

A very long horned unicorn in Eisenstadt

So now you can understand why I’m so glad that I made it to Eisenstadt. You can see all my Eisenstadt photos in Flickr.

My trip was hosted by the Austrian National Tourist Office UK.