Photo Tour of Rust in Burgenland, Austria

My visit to the town of Rust was one of the highlights of my trip to Burgenland in eastern Austria in May 2011. As soon as I got out of my car I spotted several storks’ nests on the the chimneys.

Spot the stork’s nest on the chimney

There was a stork information tile board which looked liked it had been hand written and painted.

Stork information tiles in Rust

The buildings along the main street were very colourful.

Gift shop in Rust

Impressive doorway in Rust

Patio in Rust

Church in Rust

The pedestrianised town square is very pretty. You can find public toilets at the top end of the square.

Town square Rust

There’s a fair selection of cafes and restaurants in the town, most with outdoor seating.

Cafe in Rust

Next I drove down to the shores of Lake Neusiedl, about a mile from the centre of town, where I was able to park  free of charge for one hour. I decided to go into the Katamaran Restaurant/Cafe for a coffee with a lake view.

Katamaran Restaurant/Cafe by Lake Nuesiedl in Rust

But I couldn’t resist a piece of their cake, it was so hard to decide which cake to select. I plumped for  the chocolate and banana creation.

Yummy banana & chocolate cake at Katamaran Restaurants Rust

If you are in Burgenland, make sure that the picturesque town of Rust is on your itinerary.

My trip was hosted by the Austrian National Tourist Office UK.