List of European Airports Offering Free WiFi to Travellers

I’m always so glad to be in a European airport which offers free wifi. I aim to be at the airport two hours before my departure, after a couple of incidents where I almost missed my flight a few years back. This means that I usually have a fair amount of time to do some work online at the airport. I can get connected in UK airports as I have an 02 mobile broadband contract which also gives gives me free unlimited access to BT OpenZone WiFi. However I’ve noticed some very high prices for WiFi in many European airports.

Podcast on European Airports Offering Free WiFi


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Here is the list of airports in Europe offering free WiFi used by my husband Demetrius and I, or other Europe a la Carte readers, in the last 12 months.  If the airport website has information on the free WiFi, I’ve linked to this. I’ve also linked to the reader confirming most recent use of the free WiFi, with the most recent date used. and if they were aware of a time limit.  I’m basing this on experience versus airport claims or other lists, as I’ve had plenty of frustrations with hotels which say they have free wifi but once you’re there you can’t get a decent connection and they usually try to blame your laptop.


Salzburg (SZG)

Ivan Hunter – May 2011.

Vienna (VIE)

Georg – April 2011.

Faroe Islands

Vagar (FAE)

Julie Galante – November 2010.


Beauvais (BVA) Ryanair claims it’s Paris.

Thomas Dawson – free WiFi provided by SFR France in December 2010.


Tallinn (TLL)

Demetruis – March 2011.


Helsinki (HEL)

Zoe Dawes – March 2010.

Kuusamo (KAO)

Zoe Dawes – March 2010.

Oulu (OUL)

Zoe Dawes – March 2010.


Frankfurt Hahn(HHN)

Fraser Balaam – February 2011 (but not sure if it was official airport service).


Athens International (ATH)

Dimitrios Saltas – One hour free WiFi April 2010

Corfu (CFU)

Chris Wright – February 2011.

Thessaloniki (SKG)

Demetrius -  April 2011.


Budapest (BUD)

Roberto Gyoria – March 2011.


Vilnius (VNO)

Birute Zemgulyte – April 2010


Malta Airport (MLA)

Me – May 2011, excellent coverage throughout airport.


Podgorica (TGD)

Suzanne Courtney – June 2011

The Netherlands

Schiphol (AMS)

Melissa Adams – One hour free in March 2011.
Megan Eaves-Egenes – One hour free in March 2011.

Tulip themed toilets at Schiphol Airport


Bratislava (BTS))

Me – May 2011, excellent coverage throughout airport.


Geneva (GVA)

Birute Zemgulyte – One hour free in December 2010.

United Kingdom

Jersey (JER), Channel Islands

Me – May 2010. However it now seems to be limited to 30 minutes a day, after which a fee of £2 per day is payable.

London City (LCY)

Stuart Nathan – April 2010

Manchester (MAN)

Julie Galante – 30 minutes free in March 2011.