Fingers Crossed I Make It to Vienna This Time

Update 15 May 2011 – I’m happy to report that I did make it to Vienna. I’ve reviewed The Ring Hotel and Austrian blogger Travelwritcus gave me a guided walking tour of Vienna.

I’ll be spending two nights in Vienna in early May 2011, immediately after my stay in the Burgenland region of eastern Austria.  I was due to visit the Austrian capital in late November 2010 on a bmi press trip which I’d to cancel at the last minute, due to severe Winter weather.  Let’s hope I do make it to Vienna this time, saying that I have seen snow in June in Scotland!

The Ring Hotel Vienna

I certainly have plenty of ideas for things to do from the “Best of Vienna Tips” on Europe a la Carte. I’ll be meeting up with Andreas Susana, editor of Notes of a Traveler, tweeting as  @Travelwriticus.

Fountain in Vienna

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