Visiting the Estonian Open Air Museum near Tallinn

We visited the Estonian Open Air Museum, one of my “Ten Things to Do in Tallinn” when we were in the city in March 2011, staying at the Barons Hotel in the old town. From the hotel, it was a 15 minute walk mostly through the old town to the main train station, where we caught bus no21 (1.6 Euro each way). The bus journey lasted 20 minutes and we were dropped off at the entry point. The bus does a circular journey, meaning you pick it up at the same spot.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonia Open Air Museum map

The Open Air Museum entry ticket costs 3 euro. There are excellent directions and the good path takes you through mixed woodland and past typically Estonian houses from bygone ages, which were brought here from all over the country and reconstructed on site.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Typical Estonian countryside building re-erected at the museum

There are also other types of traditional buildings like barns, fishermen’s net storage huts, saunas and several unusual windmills all through the Park.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Stone construction Estonian building

The Park is on Kopli Bay, meaning you also get great sea views and there are good picnic spots.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Classic Estonia type windmill at the museum

You can also go around the Park on a (very friendly) horse buggy, driven by a member of staff dressed in traditional clothing. On the day we visited there was snow and the buggy was on skis.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Friendly horses taking visitors on trips through open air the museum on their break

The Park is a good size and walking shoes are recommended.

Most buildings were padlocked, but there was one where a lady in traditional dress was baking some type of scones and you could visit the interior. This house was from the early 1900s and the interior decor looked somewhat Victorian.

Estonian Open Air Museum at Kopli Bay near Tallinn

Interior of typical 1930’s house at the museum

Unfortunately we weren’t offered any scones, although to be fair it wasn’t clear if they were ready at that time.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Model dwelling exterior

There is also a charming little gift shop near the area you buy the tickets.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Souvenir dolls at the museum

There are several toilets throughout the Park and although it’s fenced off, it is also patrolled by private security.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Another Estonia-style windmill at the museum

This is a very straightforward and pleasant day trip from Tallinn that won’t require early/late journeys as the Park’s nearby, or break the bank.The bus journey to the Estonian Open Air Museum also goes through some interesting Estonian-style modern housing estates.

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