The Best of Stockholm Travel Tips

The Swedish capital of Stockholm is a fascinating destination and is included in our best European cities to visit post. If you’re planning a trip to Stockholm, then this round-up of our best suggestions for things to do in Stockholm should help you make the most out of your time there.

Historical Attractions in Stockholm

Stockholm’s most famous museum is the Vasa Museum, home to the 1620s ship which sank and spent 300 years in the Baltic Sea, before being salvaged and becoming the centrepiece of this museum.

Things to do Stockholm

The Vasa by Scarygami

Another interesting museum in Stockholm (which has some 70-odd museums!) is the Museum of Medieval Stockholm, which recently underwent extensive renovations. As a whole, Stockholm has a fascinating medieval history and many places to see evidence of it, including the Old Town area known as Gamla Stan.

gamia stan stockholm

Gamla Stan by lyng883

Sports fans might like to check out Stockholm’s Olympic Stadium (Stadion), venue for the 1912 Olympics.

For something different, try the House of Nobility in the centre of Stockholm, a historical building which now features the genealogical history of the noble families of Sweden. Alternatively, the Stadshuset (City Hall), home to the Nobel Prize banquet, can be an interesting place to explore, especially if you climb the tower for some great views over Stockholm.

Things to do Stockholm

House of Nobility by roger4336

Free Things to Do in Stockholm

A free attraction which Marcus suggests is underrated but very interesting is to visit the Swedish House of Parliament or Riksdag. It’s situated on an island – easily reached via a pedestrian bridge – and offers regular tours, including tours in English, and they’re all free.

Things to do Stockholm

The Riksdag by dtsomp

If you’re looking for some interesting exhibitions but are short on cash, then the Kulturhuset (“Culture House”) in Stockholm is a great way to spend your time. It has numerous floors of exhibitions, which might include photography, films and artworks, and most exhibitions will be free to enter.

Things to do Stockholm

The Kulturhuset by Anna-Stina

Enjoying the outdoors is possible (but different) in both summer and winter at the Kungstradgarden – it’s also the venue of the fantastic Christmas Market in December.

Things to do Stockholm

Kungstradgarden by ollesvensson

Although tours of the Skogskyrkogården World Heritage-listed cemetery are available, Marcus suggests giving yourself a free tour instead.

Palaces and Churches in Stockholm

The Riddarholmskyrkan is a church on a small island in Stockholm which dates back (in part) to the thirteenth century, and is the burial place for a number of Swedish royals.

Things to do Stockholm

Riddarholmskyrkan on a grey day by Eoghan OLionnian

An hour out of Stockholm by boat, the Drottningholm Palace is where the Swedish royal family live but the general public can access most of the palace’s grounds.

Things to do Stockholm

Drottningholm by tehzeta

Also a short trip out of Stockholm, to the north, you can find the Ulriksdal Palace which used to be the royal family’s summer residence. You can look through the palace buildings during summer and through the grounds at any time of year. Why not book a taxi in Stockholm for your journey to Ulriksdal Palace?

Things to do Stockholm

Ulriksdal in winter by lefant

Film, Food and Getting Around in Stockholm

Film buffs might like to time their visit to coincide with the Stockholm International Film Festival in November – it might not be a high profile festival but apparently there are plenty of great films to be seen.

If you’re feeling peckish while wandering Stockholm, then you can stop in to the Hötorgshallen Markets with all kinds of local and international foods to try. To add a great view to your meal or drink, you can try the Mosebacke Etablissement during summer, which has a great outdoor seating area.

Things to do Stockholm

Feast from Hotorgshallen Markets by patrikneckman

How you get around Stockholm depends a lot on the season (but the metro, of course, is fine all year!) – in summer, you might want to try the Stockholm City Bikes scheme.

Things to do Stockholm

Stockholm City Bikes by bjaglin

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