Looking for Tips for Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia

We’re looking for tips for things to do in Tallin, the capital of Estonia and 2011 European Capital of Culture. My husband Demetrius and our son Simon will be taking a trip to Tallin at the end of March 2011. To help them get the most from their city break, I requested readers’ recommendations for must-see Tallinn attractions and day trips.

Tallinn panorama by Adrian Perez

Sian recommended eating at the Old Hansa Restaurant, a drink at Gloria’s Wine Bar and a perfect hot chocolate at Chocolaterie Pierre on Europe a la Carte, after her trip to the city last year.

Hot Chocolate at Chocolaterie Pierre by Sian Meades

Your Tips for Things to Do in Tallinn

Mishi Dulwich Morath – Without a doubt the Occupations Museum. And there’s a small bar called Depeche Mode….dedicated to the old band of the same name!

Melodie – I was in Tallinn only for 2 days so I spent them walking around the old town, having coffee here and there. But I spent about 6 days in Helsinki, just 2 hours away by ferry from Tallinn. That might be an idea for a day-trip.

Nat – I live in Tallinn and I love this city!! I would suggest you going on the 24th floor of Radisson Blue Hotel, an awesome view on town from there. Then, not really sure if it’s gonna be open for visitors by the end of March, but you could also climb the tower of Oleviste church. Terrific!! Some other places: Open Air Museum (Vabaohumuuseum), a walk along Pirita promenade, Kalev SPA (swimming pool & saunas – love it!!), Keila-joa and Jagala waterfalls are on the outskirts of Tallinn. Beer House and Olde Hansa are definitely the best places to eat.

Kaspar – I suggest to check out the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 event calendar first. Link: http://www.tallinn2011.ee/eng I also suggest to go outside the walls of old town. Yes, old town is really amazing as most tourist traps are in the world, but that is just one part of Tallinn. Rent a car and make a trip around whole Tallinn and pay a visit also to Tartu or Pärnu. Estonia is a small country and every corner of the country is only few hours drive. There are many different manors (link: http://www.mois.ee/english/) and castles. Near Kohtla-Järve, there is a oil-shale museum (link: http://www.kaevanduspark.ee/eng/index.htm), 2here people are taken undergorund into the mines and can try oil-shale mining with their own hands. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are two largest islands, and it is also worth to take a little ferry trip over there. Traffic is mostly calm (except rush-hours in Tallinn maybe) and all car rentals offer cars with gps devices. But when you are certain not to leave from Tallinn, then it will be worth to visit kiek in the Kök (link: http://linnamuuseum.ee/kok/en/) where you can find time train and underground passages. You can find everything from here: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/

Taavi – I also live in Tallinn. I will recommend also platforms in Toompea Hill (Kohtuotsa and Patkuli) where is also a cool view. In Old Town Square is a funky little cafe called Kehrwieder ( link: http://www.kohvik.ee/). Hope You will have lot of fun in Tallinn :)

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