Top Ten Things to do in Dusseldorf

In the far west of Germany not too far from the Dutch border, the financial centre Düsseldorf is attractive not just to business people. Some of the most interesting things to do in Düsseldorf include:

Altstadt/Old Town

Like so many German cities, the Old Town or Altstadt is a particularly interesting part of town. Düsseldorf’s Old Town is famously known as “the longest bar in the world”: there are over 250 bars and coffee houses within just a square kilometre, so you’ll have no shortage of places to hang out at night. The Old Town was almost completely rebuilt after World War Two but in typical old style, so it looks quaint and charming.

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Old Town by Effervescing Elephant

Rhine River Promenade

Many German towns and cities can be found on the Rhine, but the promenade where the river meets Düsseldorf is a particularly pretty walk and very popular with tourists.

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Rhine Promenade by Eichental

Marionette Theatre

Inside the Palais Wittgenstein close to the centre of the Old Town, the Marionette Theatre puts on performances for adults and children alike. The theatre is small – less than 100 seats – so it’s an intimate performance space and certainly not always “just for kids”.

Rhine Tower

The tallest building in Dusseldorf is the Rhine Tower, a 234 metre tower which includes a restaurant and viewing platform near its peak. As you’d expect, the views are fantastic, and on a clear day you can even see as far as the gorgeous Cologne Cathedral in the next city!

Things to do in Dusseldorf

View towards Rhine Tower by Gunnar Por Hafdal

St. Lambertus Basilika

The St. Lambertus Basilika is famous for its unusual twisted, winding tower – even after it was destroyed in the war, it was reconstructed in the same way. Many would consider this the symbol of the city. The church itself is pretty and there are numerous legends from the city’s history based here.

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Lambertus Basilika’s twisted tower by hAdamski


Koenigsallee is the place to go in Dusseldorf if you want to indulge in some retail therapy! Since Dusseldorf is famous for the Igedo Fashion Fair, it’s also home to a huge number of boutiques and luxury retail stories. It’s also a pretty place for a stroll as a canal runs down the middle.

Geothe Museum

Housed in the Schloss Jagerhof, the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf contains all kinds of Goethe-related paraphernalia, but also has a section devoted to Faust.

Benrath Palace

The Benrath Palace is a beautiful rococo palace, and the park that surrounds it complements it perfectly. At the moment they’re trying to get listing as a UNESCO Heritage site. As well as admiring the architecture and gardens, you can visit one of several museums housed within the palace buildings.

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Schloss Benrath by morgaine

Japan Center

For something a little different, the Japan Center features traditional Japanese markets, restaurants and gardens – for a little taste of Asia within Dusseldorf!

Alter Golzheim Cemetery

As with many old cemetries in Germany, the Alter Golzheim Friedhof (Cemetery) in Düsseldorf is both a tranquil green space suited to a quiet stroll, as well as a historical landmark with the graves of quite a few famous German artists and architects.

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