Six Tips on Making Time for Travel

When I talk to people about travelling, time is a big issue. I’m lucky that I can work anywhere with a wifi connection and a plug socket. But if you’ve got a nine-to-five, and a family, spontaneous trips aren’t as easy as they could be. So if you’re short on time, how to do make sure you get a regular travel fix?

Flickr image from Spixey

Go somewhere new each month. My housemate does this. So far she’s taken herself on a day trip to Paris, popped to Oxford. She’s off to Brighton next month. You don’t have to go on holiday to be travelling. A day trip somewhere can be just as exciting.

Stay local. When we think of travelling, we of course thing of curious countries and faraway places. But I’ve never been to Dulwich before, and that’s half an hour away from me. If you’ve always wondered what’s down the road, why not go?

Go and visit friends. Visiting friends is an excellent way of travelling if you’re busy. You’ll get to see people you like, potentially even get a babysitter as well so you can do some exploring on your own.

Take your holiday! Did you take every day of your paid leave last year? So many people don’t these days, there’s always a few days left over. But your boss will cope without you. Take your holiday, it’s yours and you deserve it.

Get off the train. Want to do more exploring? Hop off the train or bus a couple of stops earlier than planned. You’ll still get to your destination, but you might just discover something exciting along the way.

Just book! With so many great deals on flights, and advance train fares, booking on a whim is a great idea. Granted, something might happen which means you absolutely can’t get away, but if you can? You’ve got a sneaky flight to Italy booked and it only cost you a tenner.

Do you have any tips on making time for travel?