A visit to Munich’s Toy Museum

A visit to Munich’s toy museum is a pleasure for children from 8 to 80. Get into the spirit of things by going to the Marienplatz shortly before 11am. Line up in front of the Neue Rathaus and wait for the world famous carillon (Glockenspiel) to begin.

Neues Rathaus at Munich's Marienplatz

The Rathaus was built between 1867 and 1909 in a Flanders Gothic style and is dominated by the tower with its spires. Crane your neck and discover the upper part of the carillon which displays a joust arranged in honor of the marriage of Wilhelm V and Renate von Lothringen.

The fun part is the lower part. At the stroke of the clock, historical figures come out and perform the Schäfflertanz. Round and round they go until they return to their ‘house’ to await their next performance.

Then turn to your right and make you way to another Rathausturm  and enter the world of toys. The museum is located in four levels of the narrow tower, which means you climb up a spiral staircase and look at the exhibits in small rooms just off the stairs. It’s a very cosy museum with wooden floors and showcases which allow a close inspection of the collection.

Toy museum located in this Rathaus Turm

Ivan Steiger, a cartoonist, writer, filmmaker and journalist, born in Prague,  has collected toys mainly from Europe and the USA going back two centuries and made his collection accessible to the public in this beautiful museum.

It’s as much a joy to observe the kids as it is to look at the doll houses, dolls, teddies, toy trains and of course, a superb Barbie collection.

Teddy bears by Margarete Steiff

Dolls from Käthe Kruse

Dollhouse with Biedermaier furniture

Barbie collection

The museum is open from 10.00 to 17.30. If you feel hungry afterwards, make your way back to the Marienplatz and to one of the many cafes and restaurants around the square to enjoy a Bavarian feast. Bear in mind that Weisswurst is best eaten before noon, but everything else is delicious all day.

Bavarian specilities

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